Part One of the Exhibition Catalogue
This part covers the 10 objects that you can rotate.
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Description H(mm) W D
by Carlos Zapata.
Small edition.
Tattooed Samson flexes his muscles.
180 190 70
Mental Floss (Kit)
by John Lumbus.
The business man flosses his mind.
170 180 120
Charlie Chaplin
by Carlos Zapata. Small edition made by Carlos sold out. Now available made by
Sue Stolpe. Charlie Chaplin walking.
220 85 100
Suburban Bob
by John Lumbus.
Small edition.
Suburban Bob exercises quietly at home
doing squat-thrusts.
190 60 80
Love Boat
Designed by Carlos Zapata
Made by Stolpe.
The two lovers in the boat kiss, and the
hearts spin round in the water.
150 125 55
Flying Dragon (Kit)
by Carlos Zapata.
Dragons wings fly up and down, as body
and tail undulate.
190 270 200
by Carlos Zapata
Small edition. Sold out
The monkey eats a banana sitting on a tree.
150 95 70
The Bone Ranger (Kit)
by Stephen Guy.
The laid-back hound brandishes bones
as heflops along through the desert.
220 150 80
by Carlos Zapata
Small edition.
Two politicians argue, but don't listen.
180 200 55
Cat Attack! (Kit)
by Aidan-Lawrence Onn.
The Cat pounces on the mouse who is
escaping from the cheese.
230 170 100
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