This exhibition opened on the 10th of June and only takes place on the web site. You will need to have QuickTime 3 (or later) installed to get the full effect. You can download QuickTime from Apple's download page. If this link doesn't work try here.
The exhibition features 10 objects in QTVR format with animations as well as another 11 new pieces as still images. Four of the QTVR objects are new wooden kits. Of the other items in the exhibition, some will be one-offs and some will be available as small editions. 
To test if you have QuickTime 3 (or later) installed, click on the link below.
  QuickTime Test
This page also has instructions on how to view the the QuickTime VR movies.
No QuickTime?
If you don't have QT there is a no-plugin version which just uses animated GIF files. This is not as much fun because there is no interaction and the pictures don't look as good.
When you are in the exhibition:

To find out more about the exhibits (a brief description, dimensions and prices) click on the Catalogue button.

If you want to return to certain objects or skip ahead, click on the Catalogue button and use that to navigate. Or you can use the Start button to return to the beginning.

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