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Visit MindFest at Fort Worth,Texas 8-9 Sept. 2006

September 2, 2006 by  

MindFestO6Some great activities and workshops are on offer at the 6th MindFest at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History this Friday and Saturday.

CMT took part in the original MindFest, ‘a gathering of playful inventors’ at MIT in 1999. It was here that the Designing Automata Kit in it’s original form was used in workshops.
During the event we sat on the ‘Artistic Machines’ panel along with Kinetic Artist Arthur Ganson, Hiroshi Ishii and Anne and Mike Eisenberg, the creators of Hypergami, (and now JavaGami) – if you enjoy making our paper cutouts, take a look at the Hypergami Sculpture Gallery.
The success of the original MindFest led to formation of the PIE (Playful Invention and Exploration) Network. You can get a taste of some the activities from the PIE Scrapbook which has been put together by veteran PIE-oneers, Mike Petrich and Karen Wilkinson of the Exploratorium, San Francisco.


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