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DVD Videos

Cabaret Mechanical Video
A video catalogue of the CMT collection. Includes interviews with artists in their workshops. (Paul Spooner, Tim Hunkin, Ron Fuller, Peter Markey, etc.) Some of their other machines and mechanical explanations. 43 minutes.

£14.46 (excl. VAT)

How to Make Automata
Learn with Keith Newstead the mechanisms and some of the methods involved in making automata. The first half is organised into types of mechanisms in a similar way to our book. The second part shows various processes as Keith makes a cycling figure. 42 minutes.

You can rent for £1.99 ($2.99) or buy a download to own for £5.99 ($8.99).

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Made in Stithians
An amusing and inspiring portrait of Paul Spooner at work as he attempts to make a new machine in one day. Also features a number of other pieces of Paul’s work. 34 minutes.

£14.46 (excl. VAT)

DVDs are currently out of stock but we hope to make them all available for renting or downloading soon.

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