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Cabaret Mechanical Movement

Making Automata is hard. Making other sorts of three dimensional objects can also be hard, but the extra dimension of movement seems to add a disproportionate amount of difficulty.

For most people, especially those untrained in engineering skills, getting to the point where making mechanical devices is easy, can be a long and frustrating task. Then again, there are many people who have a sound understanding of engineering but can’t even draw a horse.

These things can be learnt. This book does not teach you how to draw a horse, but it does remove the mystery that surrounds the world of mechanisms and the business of making things move.

Cabaret Mechanical Movement contains a lot of theory but it’s also packed with practical tips and ideas for making your own automata, moving toys or mechanical sculpture.

This book is published by Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, a museum which has delighted its visitors with witty examples of the automata makers art since 1979.

Cabaret Mechanical Movement – Print Edition – £9.99

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Title: Cabaret Mechanical Movement – Understanding Movement and Making Automata.
Size: 119 A5 Pages with over 200 B&W Illustrations.
Cost: £9-99

Chapters: 1. Some Principles, 2. Levers, 3. Shafts, 4. Cranks 5. Cams, 6. Springs, 7. Linkages, 8. Ratchets, 9. Drives & Gearing, 10. Control, 11. The Checklist. 12. Bibliography.

The link for making pin wheel templates is here.