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Norman Tuck

Norman Tuck was born in Pennsylvania, USA in 1945. As a child he loved building toy models especially flying airplanes. He studied Art at the University of Florida from 1963 and discovered that his tinkering abilities could be put to use making mechanical sculpture. He made his first Kinetic sculpture in 1966 and had a number of solo exhibitions during the 1970′s.

In 1985 Norman became involved with The Exploratorium, a large science museum in San Francisco where Joe Ansel introduced him to the world of the science museum and helped to arrange residencies at the New York Hall of Science as well as the Exploratorium.

Since then Norman’s work has been shown primarily in science museums. A solo exhibition of his work, entitled Art Machines, has traveled to seven museums in the United States and the Technorama Museum in Switzerland.

He became involved with Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in 2008 when they exhibited work together at phaeno in Wolfsburg, Germany and at Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, Spain.

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