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In Its Nature (2012) by Simon Venus

December 17, 2012 by · Comments Off 

A crow which pecks your finger as you turn the handle.
This new piece by Simon Venus is a homage to an automaton by Paul Spooner – ‘A Carrion Crow with its eye on someone’s finger’ – 2011. Mounted on a shoe brush from Deptford Market. Wood, metal, paint.

Height: 26cm

Price 412.50GBP – Excluding VAT

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Answering Machine (2012) by Paul Spooner

December 15, 2012 by · Comments Off 

A new one-off piece from Paul Spooner. It’s a machine for undertaking thankless tasks; useful for refusing loans and favours of all kinds, invitations to dull parties, requests to take part in surveys, to look after neighbours pets or children, to rescue victims of crime, to take part in the democratic process, to become a collector of automata and to deal with all other questions to which the answer, in our heartless hearts, is “no”.

Size, including paper roll, is 160H X 220W x 100D. Made from old pine, new lime, brass, steel, Delrin, Langton watercolour paper, leather. An extra roll of paper comes with it (same message, though), which can be fitted if the first one gets too worn.

Click for more details and pictures.

Price: 1395.00(GBP)

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Shipwreck (‚??Naufragio‚?Ě) by Pablo Lavezzari

December 12, 2012 by · Comments Off 

A tremendous new peepshow piece from South American artist Pablo Lavezzari features a perilous journey by boat for only one observer. Turn on the light, open the doors at the front and start cranking the handle… Witness the scene of a shipwreck, on this recently abandoned vessel. The sounds that mimic the roar of the sea and the creaking timbers are mechanical.

See more pictures here.

Price: 2950GBP (excl. VAT)

Dimensions 42cm High x 35cm Wide x 60 cm Deep

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A Big Donor – Part III by Paul Spooner

December 12, 2012 by · Comments Off 

The irises are now painted a lovely blue

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