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Toasted Heart by Paul Spooner

January 31, 2012 by · Comments Off 

Toasted Heart by Paul SpoonerPulling out the bottom drawer of this small chest of drawers makes two toasted hearts pop out of a toaster. Inside the drawer is the lever that lifts the toast but there is also room for a scroll of paper on which to inscribe a romantic message. Paper is supplied as well as a length of special red thread with which to bind it. Outside help may be required to tie the bow- do not fall into the trap of asking the intended recipient to do it or the whole surprise will be compromised.
This piece was inspired by a survey of people in long term relationships who, hearing on the radio that it’s Valentine’s Day and realising that they haven’t done anything about it, resort to the pathetic expedient of making breakfast for their loved ones incorporating toast cut into heart shapes.
Ingredients; wood, metal, paper, thread, grass.

140mm High x 50mm Wide x 45mm Deep

Edition of 12

IMPORTANT: If you wish to receive this item before 14th February 2012 – please choose express shipping to guarantee delivery in time.

Price: £137.50 (excluding VAT)

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Toasted Heart by Paul Spooner Toasted Heart by Paul Spooner

Fingers Mk II by Nik Ramage

January 23, 2012 by · Comments Off 

Fingers Mk IIAn eternally tapping copy of the artist‚??s own hand. At the flick of a switch the resin cast fingers drum rhythmically until switched off. This is a limited Edition of 25 pieces.

Designed by Nik Ramage who describes himself as a mechanical sculptor who makes useless machines and invents contraptions that the world didn’t know it needed.

Materials: Cast aluminium resin, steel and motor.
Dimensions: Human hand.
Power: 2 x AA Batteries (included)

Available from February 2012.

£600 (excl. VAT)

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Uneasy by Paul Spooner

January 11, 2012 by · Comments Off 

Uneasy by Paul SpoonerA new piece from Paul Spooner.

“If you were trying to make a mechanism that transmitted rotary motion smoothly, here are three mechanisms to avoid.

1). The well-known sliding block mechanism which translates steady circular motion into a wobbly approximation of it.

2). A magnet rotating near another magnet which picks up its motion in a fitful manner.

3). A bearing which deviates from the ideal cylindrical form by having two ears, two noses and four eyeballs added to its circumference.

The result is an uneasy action which might not be desirable in many machines but is OK for this Shakespeare-inspired item. Comes with a very small pair of shoes and a facsimile of a spread from Sue Spooner’s school edition of Henry IV part 2.”

Limited Edition of 3 only

15cm wide by 15cm high by 5 cm deep

£575 (excl. VAT)

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Sketchbook Moment No.54

January 10, 2012 by · Comments Off 

The Boyhood of Hitler

The Boyhood of Hitler

Watch out everyone. He’s having a big idea
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