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Sketchbook Moment No. 43

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The Garden of Mechanical Knowledge
The Garden of Mechanical Knowledge. Converting (A) rotary motion into (B) linear motion.
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Steppy movement from a smooth cam

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Ratchet & Helix
Interestingly, the motion derived from the smooth helical cam is jerky because the ratchet moves it in a series of 12 steps. The pin in the foreground moves back and forth picking a tooth at a time. The follower, the steel lever at top right, on which rests a brass button, is lifted in 12 increments then drops down.
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Simon Tait’s Mews No.9

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Miami ExhibitionMiami icebreaker
Miami has never seen anything like it before. It’s not me saying that, it’s Dr Andrew R Hirschl, respected dentist of that parish, and he’s talking about the exhibition, which opened at the Miami Science Museum last weekend, an exhibition that runs all the way to September. ‘Amazing, amusing machines combine art and science’ says the billboard, and they are, of course, the amazing machines of Cabaret. Read more

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

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sharmanka-trongate1Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre opened their new permanent exhibition in Glasgow at the new Trongate 103 Centre last September.

They have a daily programme of performances of their incredible machines, (prices from £4 per adult, and children are free).

Sharmanka also do a lot of work with school groups, and other educational activities.,162/partners/sharmanka_kinetic_theatre/

There is also a fantastic Russian restaurant in the building, making a good community of Russian culture. If you visit on a Sunday make sure to book a table, and listen to the live music.