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First Edition – The Laird of the Mummy Wrappings

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The Laird of The Mummy WrappingsThe Fourteen Ball Toy Company are producing this early Anubis piece from 1982, which Paul Spooner made while CMT was still in Cornwall. This is a rare opportunity to add a low numbered piece to your collection.

Our friend, the Egyptian God Anubis, is suitably attired in a beautifully painted tartan kilt.

The text reads,

‘Since his heyday in ancient Egypt, Anubis seldom has a chance to show off his shapely calves. He takes the opportunity in this Highland manifestation, but his pleasure is impaired by his young relatives’ lack of aptitude as a sheepdog.

145 mm x 118mm x 240 mm
Excluding handle – which makes 145mm into 200mm

Price: £465.00

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Sketchbook Moment No.42

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Psychology of perception. A: Necker’s Cube B: Necker’s Bicycle Read more

Simon Tait‚??s Mews No.3

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self examination

The human side of Paul Spooner

If you ask Paul Spooner to fit a project brief don’t expect anything, because whatever you expect isn’t going to happen. What you can be sure of is that whatever does happen is going to be a delight. Read more

Sketchbook Moment No.41

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Pulseometer. Cocktail stick, blu-tak, coin. This one shows a method of amplifying the pulse in your wrist so you can see it more easily.
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Sketchbook Moment No.40

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