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Sketchbook Moment No.23

February 23, 2009 by · Comments Off 

P. Spooner’s dozing clown sale.
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Spooner’s Tree of Life

February 16, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Falmouth Art Gallery  opened the first of their series of Darwin related exhibitions, ‘Voyages of Discovery’ on 14th February.  The exhibition includes several pieces of automata, including this piece ‘Who’s Who on the Tree of Life’ by Paul Spooner.  Paul says ‘after a lot of messing about, I went with this thing that shows firstly the tree of life with a little man raised on a stalk and a selection of animals nestling among the roots.  When the machine works, the animals are elevated so that the roots become branches and the man swings down to settle among them.’
The subtitle is; “a 3-dimensional diagram showing the mental adjustment required to accommodate Darwin’s ideas concerning man’s station in life”.

Keith Newstead and Carlos Zapata have also made works for the exhibition.

The exhibition continues until 18th April 2009.

New Sharmanka Catalogue

February 16, 2009 by · Comments Off 

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre have republished their catalogue. There are 64 pages, with colour photographs throughout of the fantastic work of Eduard Berdsudsky. It includes an introduction by actor, Simon Callow, and text on The Art of Eduard Berdsudsky by Julian Spalding. The latest exhibition ‘Gothic Kinetic’ is also featured, as well as history on Sharmanka’s move from Russia to Scotland, and behind the scenes details from director Tatyana Jakovskaya.

£12 Buy it here.

Scenes from a Faith School No.2

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The naughty corner.
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Sketchbook Moment No. 22

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Cut out your own middleman.
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Sharmanka Exhibition

February 3, 2009 by · Comments Off 

Following the success of Sharmanka’s new Gothic Circus exhibition at last year’s Edinburgh Festival, and more recently as part of MimeFest in London, the pieces move to the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock.

SHARMANKA (Russian for hurdy-gurdy) was founded by sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky and theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya in St.Petersburg (Russia) in 1989.  Audiences in many countries have been fascinated by its magic, and based in Glasgow since 1996 it has gained a reputation as one of the  city’s hidden treasures.


‘Bizarre, hilarious, ghoulish… unmissible’. – The Sunday Times.

The exhibition opens on February 11th and continues until March 29th.

Spooner Valentine’s Heart

February 2, 2009 by · Comments Off 

Valentine’s day brings a new Paul Spooner edition of 13 hearts titled  “Be Still My Blinking Heart”.

Turn the handle and the heart blinks in anticipation.

Paul remarks: ‘It is an opportunity to donate an organ to a loved one. The blink mechanism is a spin-off development of owl technology and to get the oak for the base I had to saw up our bed.”
size: Width 4.5cm Height 8.5cm Depth 4.5cm

Price 97.50+VAT.

Buy it here.

Sketchbook Moment No.21

February 2, 2009 by · Comments Off 

Puzzles for Pussies.
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