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BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

April 20, 2007 by · Comments Off 

Listen to this morning’s Woman’s Hour broadcast again.
Three generations of women were interviewed – myself, Sue Jackson and my daughter Max.

Also there is a great video of the opening event at Kinetica, which really captures the spirit of the exhibition (which has now been extended by popular demand to 7th May). See ya there!

I Remember Gundestrup

April 15, 2007 by · Comments Off 

I Remember Gundestrup by Paul Spooner - Photo Chris O'SheaPaul Spooner’s latest piece, ‘I Remember Gundestrup’ is currently on show at our exhibition at Kinetica. The two figures slowly move around in the vessel of blood-red Janus heads.
For those who can’t visit, the caption reads:-

‘This is not as bad as it looks: customs change in Denmark as they do all over most of the world. Long ago when customs were unlike those of today (in most places) a young prince of Denmark had had a bloody but ultimately successful battle. Luckily, he possessed a wondrous cauldron that had the magical property of reviving any corpse that was simmered in it. That sort of thing happened in those days. The woman is someone he won in the battle.’

Heads will roll.

Media Coverage

April 8, 2007 by · Comments Off 

Heaven on TV by Chris O'SheaOur latest show at Kinetica is no. 1 choice in TimeOut’s Around Town this week. If you’re in London, the local news slot on the BBC should have coverage today (Sunday) at 7:35pm. We were also on BBC Radio London’s Breakfast Show yesterday – you can ‘listen again‘ (until Sun 15th April). Leave a message in the comments if you spot anything else.

Kinetica Exhibition Opens Today

April 6, 2007 by · Comments Off 

Robo Thespian There was a fantastic opening party for the CMT and Ride of Life Exhibition at Kinetica last night. Guests were enthralled by the range of automata old and new, it was a great launch for the show. Guest Chris O’Shea took some great pictures and as he says:-
‘I can safely say that this one of the most beautiful, playful and magical exhibitions I’ve been to for a long time. My photos don’t do it justice, you need to go and see them moving in real life. It has a real feeling of British crazy backyard inventor to it, mixed with detailed tiny models to large scale automata.’

One of the most exciting pieces is Will Jackson’s Robo Thespian (pictured) – Photo: Chris O’Shea.